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Dance journey



Kids and Adult Tap:

Suitable for ALL levels from 6yrs+. Graded exams available from Primary Grade as well as fun adult classes. Students will learn steps following the IDTA Theatre Dance Syllabus and given the opportunity to present their dance skills through rhythm and beats by learning routines set to upbeat, engaging and popular tracks of music. A fun and energetic class! 



Kids and Adult Ballet:

Suitable for ALL levels from 3yrs+. The Little Poppets class is perfect for introducing movement and dance to 3 & 4yr olds. Ask about the Little Poppets Passport incentive scheme, very cute and fun! Graded exams available from Primary level. Ballet is the foundation for all successful dancers and encourages the student to promote good posture and strength. It is also paramount for self discipline, self expression and technical training. 



Kids and Adult Pointe Work:

Suitable for 12yrs+. Pointe Technique class is strongly recommended for those students who are ballet dancing at Intermediate level. Students will learn to strengthen their feet and ankles with the support of the barre. Benefits include; balance, agility, strength, stamina, posture and endurance. Adults are also invited to attend and will be expertly guided.



Kids CMJ:

Suitable for 6yrs+. Contemporary Modern Jazz is a

fun and a varied 'performing based' type of dancing. Full to the brim with exciting combined styles such as lyrical, ballet and jazz. This genre is full of movement reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical style. Graded exams are available from Primary level.

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