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Dance journey
Christmas Spectacular
Adult Tappers take to the stage
Beautiful ballet on stage
Little Poppets in snowman costumes



An end of year performance at KERRY CLARK DANCE is most definitely a highlight for us! We start to prepare for show time at the beginning of Term 3. It's not compulsory however, all students are given the opportunity to take part to celebrate and perform dances they have learnt throughout the year. We perform on stage with full lighting and sound and it promises to be so much fun. A magical way to end the year!


Show Fees

Show fees by the end of Term 3 will secure your child's place.

Adults/Kids - $55

Show fee covers costume/hall/equipment hire for a dress rehearsal and two performances.

*No refunds*


Putting on a show is a huge commitment. For the 'operation' to run as smoothly as possible I encourage the parents/caregivers to 'jump on board' to ensure the kids have a fun and memorable experience on the stage. For a successful and stress-free performance I would need every student to attend the extra rehearsals that commence end of October. The students work so hard to get their routines spot on, it wouldn't be fair on the child or other students if we have no-shows. The extra rehearsals are free of charge and will be held at Hope Hall and our chosen show venue.



Hair for show is generally pigtails, plaited wrapped and pinned to back of head with fringes off the face. Hair needs to be tidy with no loose ends.

Tattoos/Nail Varnish/Piercings

Semi-permanent tattoos & nail varnish are not permitted for show time. Permanent tattoos should be covered if possible. All jewelry and piercings should be removed before the show and preferably left at home to ensure their safe keeping.

Drop off/Pick up

Students arrive at the hall's main entrance one hour before the show to sign in and get shown to their dressing area. For health and safety reasons, parents are not allowed backstage unless they have volunteered as backstage help. The show duration is approximately 1hour 30mins, parents will collect their child and sign them out at the main entrance after the show has ended.


Tickets will be available to purchase online. Parents/Caregivers will need to purchase a ticket to watch their child. Unfortunately there are no refunds.

Adult - $15

Child (2-14yrs) - $8

Magical Christmas Show
Little Poppets performing in purple
Tapping into Christmas
Santa takes to the stage
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