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Exams at KERRY CLARK DANCE are not compulsory however, all students are given the opportunity to take dance exams with the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA). All exams are assessed by a qualified IDTA examiner. Following a structured syllabus with clear progressions allows students to develop their dance technique through a safe, systematic, tried and tested program.

Full information, invite and payment request is sent out to dance parents many weeks in advance. We will give you a proposed examination date to begin with (usually a weekend) and we will then allocate you a specific day and time closer to the exam itself when communication has been made with our allocated examiner.

Students will be entered in groups of up to 3 and without a teacher. There will be exam coaching sessions prior to the exams and it is vital that these are attended as well as timetabled classes.

If we feel the student isn't quite ready after exam coaching but before the exam timetable is submitted, we will withdraw the student from their exam and the exam fee will be refunded. If the student has failed to attend regular classes and extra coaching classes, we have the right to remove a student from the timetable and no refund will be issued.

Exams take a lot of organizing and can only take place if there are enough students to make up a session. Once the the exam timetable has been submitted, cancellations cannot be made. This is usually 8 weeks prior to the exam date. Once the exam invoice has been paid this is non-refundable.




Preparatory                       10mins           $95

Primary)                           15mins           $145

Grade 1                            45mins           $155

Grade 2                            45mins           $160

Grade 3                            45mins           $165

Grade 4                            45mins           $175

Grade 5                            45mins           $180

Classical Award 1&2           60mins           $220

Intermediate                     60mins           $310

Fees include examination and four extra coaching classes prior to exam.





Bank Details:

KERRYCLARKDANCE 12-3188-0332747-06

Please state STUDENTS NAME and EXAM as reference.




Please ensure you are aware of the correct uniform that is required for your child's exam. It is advisable to make a uniform order 6 weeks before exam date to ensure it arrives in time. 

All uniform including shoes should be clean, presentable and of the correct size.




Hair styles can vary from grade to grade and genre of dance. You will be notified of the required hair style prior to the exam. It is advisable to have your child's hair pre-done on arrival. Headbands and other fancy hair accessories are not permitted in any exams and it is mandatory that fringes are off the face. 

Tattoos/Nail Varnish/Piercings


Semi-permanent tattoos & nail varnish are not permitted in exams, permanent tattoos should be covered if possible. All jewelry and piercings should be removed before the exam and preferably left at home to ensure their safe keeping.

Exam Day


Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time and have all the correct uniform, shoes and hair requirements. 

Examination hair style
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